In 1910, three Brockway brothers filed adjoining homesteads along the fertile Redwater River. A small trading center on the James Brockway homestead provided supplies and other services to their neighbors. By 1913, the settlement’s importance to the area had grown enough to justify opening a post office. About that time, the Great Northern Railway announced plans, which did not materialize, to build a line across central Montana and surveyed the current Brockway town site. The town became a thriving community with over 20 businesses. Brockway built a high school in 1916 and was in the running for the county seat of what is now McCone County. In celebration of a herd of dairy cows arriving in approximately 1918, one of eastern Montana’s oldest and best rodeos, the Brockway Dairy Day Rodeo was established. The Northern Pacific Railway’s Redwater branch line reached the town in 1928. Brockway’s economy boomed, as it became a major livestock shipping point reaching number one in the US in 1934. The small town even boasted a drive-in theatre that operated from 1950 to 1962. Brockway is now a peaceful frontier community, proud of its past and optimistic about its future.

Today, Brockway has a Post Office, Community Hall and Park located within the community. Also the Brockway Supper Club is located on Highway 200 West right outside of Brockway. The Brockway Commercial Club still organizes Brockway Dairy Day Rodeo the 3rd Saturday of July. The Commercial Club contributes greatly to the infrastructure of the community.

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