McCone County Museum Board

Ken Nelson
Herbert Allison
James Richardson III
Scott Heide
Mike Fritz
James Moos, Liaison Member

Library Board

Keri Taylor, President
Flo Meissner, Secretary
June Petrik
Liz Kondelik
Cody Drew
Mary Heide
Mary James, Director
Alan Stempel, Liaison Member

Airport Board

Perry Breitbach, President
Scot Becker, Vice-President
Larry Arnston, Treasurer
Kyle Knuth, Secretary
Bill Harris (county)
Jeff Skyberg, Manager
Alan Stempel, Liaison Member
Ken Ehli, Liaison Member

Fair Board

Robert Nagle, President
Tandi Kassner, Secretary
Patsy White
Katie Hebel
Clay Nagle
Nikki Heide
Lonny Jensen
Mike Fritz
Ken Nelson, Agent & Manager
Ty Taylor, Liaison Member

Brockway Cemetery Board

Deanna Brost
Wayne French
Ryan Brost
Conrad Moline

Tax Appeal Board

Richard Heser
Hanz Haynie
Harvey Bieber

County Planning Board

Chad Bieber (Co) Chairman
Deanna Brost (County)
Nancy Garoutte (County)
Greg Nagel (County)
Darlyne Dascher (County)
Ryan Pawlowski (County)
Brandon Curtiss (Town)
Garry Johnson (Town)
Ken Ehli (Soil Cons. Dist.)
Dan Stahly

Stockyard Board

Duane White
Clint Kirchner
Larry Schipman

TV District Board

Kenneth Ehli, Treasurer
Doug Shennum, President
Steve Skundberg
Justin Robinette
Kenny Youngquist, Ex-Officio

Great Northern Development Representatives

James Moos, Executive Board Member

Predator Control Board

Jay Wright
Jon Hubing
Dwight Heser
David Hinnaland
Kim Murphy
James Moos, Liaison Member

Action for Eastern Montana Governing Board

Janet Wolff, Public Official Representative

County Compensation Board

Sherry Kluth, Clerk and Recorder
Nita Crockett, Treasurer
Savannah Hanson, Clerk of Court
John Hrubes, County Attorney
Jana Hance, Taxpayer
Angie Belus, Taxpayer

Eastern Montana Community Mental Health Center Board

Alan Stempel, Commissioner Representative

Juvenile Detention Board

James Moos, Commissioner Representative

Dry Redwater Rural Water Authority Board

James Moos, Commissioner Representative

E 9-1-1 Committee

Alan Stempel, Commissioner
Lonny Jensen, Sheriff (PSAP Chairman)
Nancy Stempel, GIS Coordinator
Chris Kwasney, Fire Chief
Kim Bradley, EMS
Garry Johnson, Mayor
Keri Taylor, DES Coordinator & Safety Program Manager
Nancy Rosaaen, MCHC
Virginia Richardson, Dispatch (PSAP Vice-Chairman)
Brad Quick, Mid-Rivers Representative, Liaison Member

Weed Board

Ken Nelson, Weed Supervisor
Scott Heide, Weed Coordinator
Larry Heser
Jason Beery
James Moos

Circle Cemetery Board

Cal Hogan
Betty Robinette
Jay Wright

Council on Aging

Tammy Gunsch, N.H. Rep.
Gene Markuson, Vice President
Ruth Melvin, Secretary
Don Quick
Don Nelson
Flo Meissner
Sharon Helgeson
Linda Guldborg
Kae Fritz

Great Northern Development Corporation

James Moos, Executive Board Member

Insurance & Policy Review Committee

Cary Phillips, Road Department
Kerry Eissinger, Courthouse
Lonny Jensen, Public Safety
Candy Logan, All Other Departments
James Moos, Commissioner
Sherry Kluth, Ex-officio Member

Safety Committee

Keri Taylor, Safety Coordinator, Chairman
Derinda Carlson, Deputy Safety Coordinator, Deputy Chairman
Savannah Kirchner, Courthouse
Ken Nelson, John Vejtasa Building
Herb Allison, Museum
Allen Rosaaen, South Road Shop
Tim Sorley, North Road Shop
Patti Schipman, Senior Center
Suzette Wagner, Custodian/Maintenance
Angie Belus, Insurance Agent

Board of Public Health

Sue Ann Good, Public Health Nurse
Nancy Rosaaen, Medical Facility CEO
County Commissioners, McCone County
Brant Gordon, County Sanitarian
Patti Wittkopp, Public Health Officer
Greg Dem, ex-officio, School Superintendent
Megan Murrel, ex-officio, School Principal
LaToya Gardner, ex-officio, Director of Nursing (HC)

Local Emergency Planning Committee

County Commissioners
Law Enforcement -Lonny Jensen, Paul Skyberg, Joseph Juliano
Fire Department -Chris K wasney
Public Health Department -Sue Ann Good
DES and Safety Program Manager -Keri Taylor, Derinda Carlson
GIS Department -Nancy Stempel
Road Department - Allen Rosaaen, Tim Sorley
County Sanitarian -Brant Gordon
School District IA & B Superintendent -Greg Dem
Health Center-Nancy Rosaaen
Ambulance Representative -Kim Bradley
Town of Circle-Garry Johnson
Dispatch -Virginia Richardson or LaDonna Haber
McCone Electric -Scot Brown
County Attorney -John Hrubes
Search & Rescue -Joe Juliano
Mid-Rivers -Brad Quick
Public Health Officer - Patti Wittkopp

Drug & Alcohol Board


Interdisciplinary Child Information & School Safety Team

Sue Ann Good, Public Health Nurse
John Hrubes, County Attorney
Nita Crockett, Superintendent of Schools
Lonny Jensen, Sheriff
Keri Taylor, DES Coordinatior


McCone County Health Center Board

Jerry Schillinger. Chairperson
Brad Quick, Vice-Chair
Greg Berger
Connie Eissinger, Secretary
Rachel Moos
Frank Wright
Becky Idland
Nancy Rosaaen, MCHC CEO
James Moos, Ex-Officio Member

McCone Conservation District Supervisors

Steve Wanderaas
Greg Nagle
Jana Haynie
Josh Murphy
Quinn Hardy
*Ken Ehli
*Rob Gunsch
*Appointed by Town of Circle, 3 year term*
Diane Black, District Administrator
Vacant, District Conservationist

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